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Replacement Boiler

By 15th February 2021February 26th, 2021News

Request for Quotation

Date: 15th February 2021Ref No: SEGL 2Return by 8th March 2021 16.00 hours
From: Neal HammondTel: 07886 088595E-mail:
Contact Address Ganstead Park Golf Club Longdales Lane Coniston East Yorkshire HU11 4LB

You are invited to submit a quotation lot 1 “Replacement of existing gas boiler (76.2 kW heat output) with a modern condensing boiler and heating controls” as outlined in the specification that follows.

Quotations need to be returned by 8th March 2021 16.00 hours.

This procurement process is being run in conjunction with a grant application to the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire (SEGL) programme. The programme is part funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). A supplier will be appointed subject to a grant being awarded by SEGL. If your quotation is accepted, a formal Purchase Order will be issued. Unless specified otherwise, you should assume that delivery will be to the address stated above.

This request for quotation does not form any commitment to buy.

Ganstead Park Golf Club may take up credit checks and/or references if you choose to quote.

Please refer to the Invitation to Quote -Specification document that follows for full details of what is required and how to respond.

Yours Sincerely

Neal Hammond

Position:  Director

Request for Quotation – Specification

1. Invitation to Quote

Ganstead Park Golf Club invites quotations for:

  Lot 1. Replacement of existing 76.2-kW (heat output) gas boiler with a modern condensing boiler and heating controls

The scope of requirements to be provided and the manner in which you should respond to this invitation are defined below.

2. Background

Ganstead Park Golf Club has been established since the mid 1970’s and was purchased by the membership in 2017.

We are aware that we have a social responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and following an energy audit, the above 3 elements of our programme were highlighted as giving the most cost-effective way of achieving this.

3.Tender Details

The contracting authority for the purpose of this invitation to quote is:

Ganstead Park Golf Club Limited, Longdales Lane, Coniston, East Yorkshire, HU11 4LB

4. Specification

The requirements to be provided are set out in the appendix below

5. Quotation Requirements

Your quotation should include:

  1. A brief description of your company highlighting relevant experience
  2. A detailed breakdown of costs. Prices should include packaging, delivery, installation (if applicable), and any other charges as well as the cost of any equipment or supplies. The total price should be shown exclusive of VAT. Please include the following details where relevant;
  3. Lead Time
  4. Your  quote should be valid for at least 60 days
  5. Please ensure your quotation includes relevant contact information
  6. All works should be capable of being completed by 30th April 2021
  7. The quote for Lot 1 must specify the type, model and nominal heat output of the new condensing gas boiler and any additional control equipment that may improve the efficiency of the heating system.

6. Contract Term

All work relating to this quotation must be completed and signed off by 30th April 2021

7. Payment Terms

Payment Terms will be agreed with the successful business at order stage.

8. Contract Management 

The day to day contact during the contract will be the club general manager.

9. Quality Assurance

Please briefly outline your procedures for quality assuring your work.

Please detail any recognised quality management certification you may have, for example BS/EN/ISO9000.

10. Award Criteria and evaluation

The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous quotation evaluated against the following criteria.

CriteriaWeighting %
Price – value for money50
Relevant experience and track record20
Understanding of project requirements and ability to deliver30

A simple scoring mechanism

A relatively simple scoring system has been adopted, as explained below:

0            Exceptionally Poor or Missing

1            Poor – major failings to meet the documented requirements

2            Unsatisfactory – only meets some of the documented requirements

3            Satisfactory – meets the documented requirements with only minor shortcomings

4            Good – meets the documented requirements

5            Exceptional – meets the documented requirements and offers    enhanced performance

The highest scoring bid against the quality criteria will be assigned the full 50% for quality (20% relevant experience and track record and 30% understanding of requirements and ability to deliver) and all other quality scores will be scaled appropriately.

The lowest price will be assigned the maximum 50% for cost and all scores will be scaled accordingly.

11. Queries

To ensure a fair and transparent process no approach of any kind in connection with this quotation should be made to any other person within, or associated with, Ganstead Park Golf Club other than the named contact. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the process.

The Ganstead Park Golf Club reserves the right to terminate the procurement process at any time prior to award without compensation.

12. Quotation Return

The completed quotation and any associated documents must be submitted to Neal Hammond by email to

Estimates are not acceptable, only fixed quotations.

13.Closing Date: 8th March 2021 16:00 hours

14.Award Date:   15th March 2021

Appendix = Specification

Heating System

The existing 72.6-kW heat output gas boiler is approximately 40 years old. It must be replaced with a modern and efficient condensing boiler to be used for heating and hot water supply. The new boiler must include heating control systems.

Site visits can be arranged by contacting:

Neal Hammond via email